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I hate myself,because I’m not a good person.

I hate myself,because I’m the worst sister ever.

I hate myself,because I’m rude.

I hate myself,because I’m lazy.

I hate myself,because I will never start doing something that I do really want to do.

I hate myself,bacause I can’t tell everyone what I do really feel.

And finally, I hate myself because….why do I have to like myself?

Terrible Things.

imageSometimes you got to be your own hero and save your own heart. Now I look myself in the mirror and can’t understand who I am..why I did so? and finally..what I’m going to do? There are always questions which seem the simplest ones but they have the most difficult answers. Answers are many, but which one is right? Everything’s so fragile and I don’t even realise that…



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